Rich Sugar baby Farley In USA based in South Africa Needs a man

Sugar baby

Sugar baby Farley, Contacted Latest dating Site online from Georgia in United states, but currently she base in South Africa, To be precise she stays in Kimberly, Northern Cape Province in SA, but her clothing businesses reside in Eatonton, Georgia in the US.

Farley is an African American, where she base is enough reasons to tell you, but today i believe she has registered on Several Online Dating Sites but this time she intend trying out Sugar Mummy Latest dating Site. We hope she finds a soul mate here before she tries somewhere else.

Sugar baby


Meet, Farley Sweet Sugar baby in USA, but Based in South Africa

Yes, i am Farley, i look a little advanced but am just 20 years old, i grew up so fast acquired several knowledge and started off from the mini clothing shopping & shipping business my mother left for me before her demise, i am on Latest dating Site today because i need a really quick lover and perhaps someone from Africa, south africa still okay!.

You must be between 20 to 45 years old, you must be able to handle someone in bed, you should be a worker, hardworking with knowledge and be able to speak english, I do not need your money, all i need from you is your time and to have someone i can call love.

Your interest in me matters alot, right now am in Kimberly, if you are anywhere close we could even hang and sleep over today, i love people who when they meet me, they could send kisses to me all the time, they could love and cherish me even while we only see onine! i hope to be a sweet sugar girl, i do not mind even if you are old, i can make you happy, let me know your interest! Thanks.

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