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Are you looking for Italian sugar mummy? He is an opportunity for you to meet Mrs Angelina, A very rich and independent sugar mummy who lives Lombardia, Italy.

She is positive, hardworking , energetic, person who loves to live and enjoy life to the max. . she love to travel and have visited all parts of the world although she mostly enjoying visiting the Caribbean.

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My name is Angelina. My business should be no one’s business. Just know that I am doing very okay financially. I am not lacking. I need a young man who wants might be interested in having me as his sugar mummy. I want someone who is very handsome.  My business should be no one’s business. Just know that I am doing very okay financially. I am not lacking. I need a man who really looks good. Would also prefer someone who is very tall. I love men who are tall and would love to have someone very tall with me. He must not have body odor. I would appreciate meeting a strong individual with a positive attitude who also enjoys living and experiencing life as much as possible. A patient and intelligent man who appreciates and respects children is also essential. It is something I can’t stand nor will I try to manage anyone who has something like that. I can be very loving and caring if my man pays attention to me. I am not asking for love nor any form of serious relationship. I just need a man who will show me that he cares a lot about me not just because I am his sugar mummy.

If you are interested in Italian sugar mummy, contact her now by dropping your phone numbers and email in the comment box below.


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  5. Hello Angelina my name is Christopher I’m from Nigeria and I just Read your biography and I’m interested in you can you please contact me on this email address or my phone number [email protected] is my email address my phone number is+2348135783525

  6. Hallo, Angelina? I’m Robert a very hardsome 5’9tall born and raised in kenya,I’m 31 years old mature enough to take care,protect and to enlighten your love again, towards me.If given a chance I will pay attention in terms of time, energy and commitment in order to have closes time’s together.we will tolk further if we me:[email protected]

  7. Hi Angelina I like your smile. I’m Nelson from South Africa. I’m 33years old and I’m black guy. I’m matured and loving person. I’m tall guy and caring person and supportive man. I’m good listen and I’m humble guy. I will love to meet u and I’m ready to please u. I want to make u happy and smile.Contact me and what’sup me +270780539837 email me [email protected]

  8. Bonjour tu peux me joindre au 0620123247, si tu as envie de faire connaissance avec moi. Je t enverrais des photos de moi pour que tu vois à quoi je ressemble.
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  9. Hello dear lovely smile gorgeous flowers sugar mama how are you I hope you doing well and I pray to almighty God to bring smiles happiness everything in your life you waiting for that dear My name is shahrukh Pardis I am from Afghanistan am 26 year old single never married With good sense of humor honest loving loyal romantic smart hard working joking smile and would like to give someone smile not take from someone smiling am good man which I know how to take care of you and I don’t like to break heart of someone I don’t like betrayed to someone because of someone trust you don’t break her trust I have be seen in the Internet sugar mama site I think with my self in the world right know angle still exists like you who wanna helps people like me I believe on my self I can bring in your life love trust loyalty honesty and also I will take care of you like my princess like my eyes like my heart and make you happy in every way which you preferred and anything you want I will do that for you which makes you happy and why I choose you because you look like angel honest loyal loving good sense of humor kind beautiful caring women who know how to love me how take care of me how to make me like king my princess every body is in life waiting for someone to prove himself if you’re not give me the chance how can I prove himself to you that am loyal person am loving honest romantic good sense of humor smart hard working I have heart like mirror if you give me the chance I will show you your beautiful picture in my heart and never disappoint it in your life I hope you contact with me if you have time for me this is my contact information below and if you’re not contact with me after that I will pray to God be happy in all life and for what things you’re waiting in your life God make you successful to achieve that thing my dear sugar mama.

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  11. Hi my is Tshepi from Johannesburg. My number is +270825068037.whatsapp me same number.let’s be good fried and more.

  12. Hello,a lovely and good evening to you.i m Danial from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur age 47 ,and am having the same interest as you.lets know each other pls and see whether we belong,click and have a chemistry.My contact,whatsapp,imo and etc is +60182532077.thank you and a wonderful day and evening to your lovely self.

  13. I am a Zambia Citizen and interested to be a part in your life. Please contact me on +260967728760 or Email to me on [email protected] I would like to come and meet you for further discussion. My Whatsapp No. +260977728760

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