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Are you searching for  sugar daddy in the United states? search no further, The Latest Dating Site has come about with a very rare and caring business man, the 50 years old low-key mogul is currently in search for companionship.

There are more photos of him, but make do with what we shared here till you finally get to contact him. Monogamous is really nice.

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Meet Sugar daddy in Illinois, United States:

Hi Dear, simply address me as Monogamous! funny name? lol, i got to meet latest dating site online and we talked about finding me a sugar baby or perhaps a sugar mummy who may be interested in me, once again i am currently 50years old, i am an American, residing in illinois, white / Caucasian race, i am yet to be married, i currently do not have kids and i do not intend having kids, all i need is fun fun fun, spend spend spend, i need that wild companionship from a lady that i can trust.

My best feature i can really point now is the fact that i am caring, i spend excess time around people i pick interest on, so there isn’t any problem i am going to have with you. I am a non-smoker, a social drinker, i do not stigmatize by the way, i do not belong to any particular religion, i just try to live my life the best way it can be lived, seriously i need a female in my life, yeah! i am interested in women, beautiful women, you do not need to be so industrious, i can cover your bills, just let me know and drop your details thanks.

Not to forget, i am a business tycoon, i have spent several vacations in several cities and few countries, please also specify your country below, so i can contact you well, your country is no barrier, i wanna speak to who i intend meeting then share photos and boom we are on.

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