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Are you a sugar baby anywhere, in any country? are you searching for love? or Rich Sugar Daddy in Canada?

Are you searching to meet new lover,  i invite you to meet with this brave and big hearted, open minded and caring sugar daddy, when he contacted us, he told us to address him as seeker, infact he said “The Seeker”..

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Meet 60 years Old Sugar Daddy in Canada


Due to Security reasons, please address me as Seeker, i am a rich sugar daddy in Canada, to be precise i am from Minnesota, i am Caucasian by race, i am married, that is why i came in here anonymously, i want no drama what-so-ever, all i need is someone i can spend on and the person will in turn show me love, care and that old time – young sensations that will keep me kicking.

You country is of no matters to me, all i ask for is attention and taking me the way i should be taken, i will treat you right,  i will walk behind you, i will walk you by hand, i will make you visit several countries and states, all i ask for is a No-Drama relationship.

I heard Latest Dating site  is giving out sugar daddies always to very young and kicking sugar babies, just take and accept me, treat me as your own, please for other securities we need to talk with email okay? you can drop your emails in the box below or simply drop your contact details, i will reach the first few people till i get who i need thanks.

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