Congratulations! Rich Sugar Dad Kings has Accepted You Now.

Congratulations! Rich Sugar Dad Kings has Accepted You Now.


It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Kings a Rich Sugar Dad In Zambia who’s 57 years of age and needs seriously searching for a Soulmate Now, As you know at our Sugar Daddy Online Websites; We are so devoted to always deliver  Caring And Rich Sugar Daddies to our Viewers.

So far previous years now, We have connected good looking, Wealthy and Helpful Sugar Daddies to young girls and Sugar babes  without Agent and Any form of fee. This is the right time to hold on to a Sugar Daddy here in Zambia. So what are you still waiting For?

Congratulations! Rich Sugar Dad Kings has Accepted You Now.

Meet Kings, a Sugar Dad in Zambia...

I’m Kings by name, I’m a friendly and cheering Man who’s filled of a generous hearth, a Man who so much believes in himself. I’m hardworking and i love my job which really Lucrative and so profiting for me. i love to meet people but i do not leave in a space for a silly and people i cant benefit from….

My Goals are all personal issue to me and we could discuss about that when we get to know each other better. But in Quote i’m an Engineer.. I am a lone child as well. I love watching Movies, Television, listening to Music, Singing, Reading, Writing poems, Swimming, playing Basketball.

I’m interested in a woman who’s cheering, caring and hardworking… a woman who really mean what he wants and not the type who’s feel of lies, A woman with high sense of humor and always Appreciate What ever good that comes her way…. A woman who will mean his words. a woman who will be my next priority..

So if  this  Rich Sugar Dad  in Zambia might interest you, privately you can drop your email and phone contact  in the box below.


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  1. Hi Mr. Kings,am caroline from Ghana and I like the fact the a good personality and great sense of humor means a lot to you..cos this two things gives a better description of a person.I will like to get to know you too if you don’t is my contact number +233246548995.will be expecting a text or call from you.

  2. Hey I would really love to chat to u and get to know each other please contact me on +27735826650 I’ll be waiting patiently from u

  3. Hello Kings, how are you doing? Thanks for accepting my email, well am looking forward to getting in touch with you if you don’t mind and getting to know you more. Thanks

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  5. I’m Boitumelo I’m 31so looking to be with u 0843470600 are my cell c digits 0834586790 are my mtn digits so looking forward to be with u

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